Ishasha Sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Ishasha sector is notably recognized for its resident Tree climbing lions that are an exceptional attraction and one among the highlights on all safaris taken within Queen Elizabeth National park. In the southern section of this park, the Lions are now and again spotted hanging on braches of huge fig trees whereas the Uganda Kob (which […]


Many tourists interested in primates come to Uganda mainly for the Chimpanzee and Gorilla tracking. However, something new and much more interesting was added on to the list and it is Habituation. This is the process of making wild primates get used to having human beings around and preparing them to be tracked later on. […]

Kampala City Tour Activities

Kampala City, generally known as the city of seven hills, is the capital city of Uganda, center of commercial life and the seat of government including the Parliament and historical monuments. The City alone offers cultural lovers lots of opportunities to appreciate the country’s cultural diversity. Kampala city tour will give you the opportunity to […]